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Information about California and why we love it so much

The glitter and glamor of Hollywood isn’t restricted to the city of Los Angeles. Its infectious charm extends to the entire state of California. The moment you enter the Golden State, you could open yourself for a chance to cast in the next Road Trip movie. From exotic beaches to world class cities, from a beautiful culture to dramatic forests, California really does have it all. So unless you’ve got a couple of months to spare, you can forget about exploring all that this state has to offer. You would be better off picking a region and getting lost in its magical aura and unique delights.


The vast and varied landscape of California makes it an ideal state for all backpacking and hiking lovers; campers, golfers and skiers; mountain bikers and water sports enthusiasts; history lovers and culture vultures. After all, what other place would make your dream world become a reality other than the home of Hollywood.

Unlike many of the scenic states of America, California also oozes a degree of sophistication, chic attractions, its own cuisine, delicious wine and delightful hideaways that are just waiting to be explored. Spa resorts are extremely popular here, but so are the granite cathedrals of the Yosemite National Park and the breathtaking trails in the Sierras.

Even if you end up getting drawn to one of those world class cities like San Francisco or Los Angeles, you can still find a plethora of national parks, coastlines, country towns and old world delights within an hour’s drive. This state is so different than any other state that you might have explored in the past simply because of the fact that some of its trendiest attractions include traveling to quiet little towns, enjoying beautiful vineyards and wineries, sampling craft beer and watching dairy farmers produce gourmet cheeses.

Beach lovers can revel in the fact that the coastlines extend all the way from San Diego to the northern coasts of Oregon. The southern parts of the state feature warm waters and some of the most fascinating surf destinations in the US. The option to choose from countless palm shaded beaches is always an advantage. As one goes towards the northern parts of the state, the balmy beaches give way to dramatic coastlines, beautiful hikes, rocky cliffs and exotic wildlife.

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Coastal mountains can be found all along the western fringe of California. They do play a major role in protecting the inland areas from the Pacific Ocean weather, but they also offer tourists with a chance to indulge in spectacular mountain scenery.

The best way to travel in California is to rent your own car. Cruising along the world famous Pacific Coast Highway is definitely one of the major highlights of your trip, but having your own car also opens up a world of opportunity for you to explore hidden delights, secluded beaches and small country towns.

Some of the most famous things to do in California include touring the wineries in the Napa or Sonama valleys, hiking through the Yosemite National Park and the Sequoia National Park, visiting cities like San Francisco or Los Angeles, skiing in the ski slopes of the beautiful Lake Tahoe or sunbathing in one of the countless beaches.