• Everything You Need To Know About The Alluring Disney Land

    Picture Of New Orleans Square

    Disney Land, a place every Disney fan dreams to visit. Amongst the different age groups, it is agreeable that the kids like it the most, however, every adult who goes there, surely come back with a certain kind of love for the place.

    Divided into 7 streets and other lands, every part of Disneyland is worth visiting every time you are there. From the characters to their designing to the castle, only a true Disney fan will understand how much it means to be on a Disney land, leading up to the dream castle.

    Disney Land Park

    An 85 acres area of everything you love about Disney, it doesn’t matter how many times you might have been here. Every single time you come here, you will awe inspired.

    Main Street

    The main street is your pathway to the castle. You can either walk down to it, visiting shops and attractions or you can take the double-decker bus, or you can hop aboard a horse-and-carriage.

    Tomorrow Land

    Tomorrow land was last refurbished in the 1990s. Meant to bring about a wave of excitement for the future, this area was given the futuristic looking Space Mountain as the centerpiece.

    Mickey’s Toontown

    Any person who is a Mickey fan or has a kid, who is a Mickey fan, cannot and should not miss this area of the park. Not only this place has some rides which might amuse the kids, but also this is a place where you can wait to meet Mickey and Minne and also have pictures clicked with them.

    Fantasy Land

    For the lovers of classic Disney animated movies, such as the famous classic Cinderella, Pinocchio, and Snow White this place will be the most precious part of the whole Disney land for them as the rides that are offered here will simply take away their heart in moments. The must try The Matterhorn, which is not to be found in any other Disney park.

    Frontier Land

    An indicative of the Wild West, the main attraction of this area is the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. The guests will get to enjoy a thrilling ride on this runaway, mine train.

    Critter Country

    Featuring the loveable characters from the Song of the South, this place was originally called dubbed Bear country. You get a down-home western feeling whenever you are visiting this place; this place surely gives you thrills.

    Adventure Land

    For the adventurer Disney fan, this place is again a must visit. Amongst everything, you get to visit the jungles of Africa and other countries. These things are simply to be found only and only in the Disneyland and nowhere else.

    New Orleans Square

    This section has the New Orleans style estate houses which are the area’s glory. These houses are the ones which belonged to the Disney’s famous Pirates of the Caribbean. The place also has the Haunted Mansion.

    The whole place is one magical experience and always filled with beautiful people. The cast members here are always willing to help you and they point out the places you would not want to miss.

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