• Excellent Art Galleries In Los Angeles That Are A Must To Visit

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    There is something in Los Angeles’ air that attracts a great number of tourists every year to this happening place. Hollywood is of course a reason the place is always teeming with tourists. However, there are other things as well that lure tourists. And, the best part is the number of retuning visitors is increasing every year. So, that proves the authorities are doing their bit in providing excellent opportunities to tourists. And, the same is the case with the art scene of the place. There is a great range of museums and art galleries here that never fail to appeal the art lovers. In fact, the place holds a number of temporary exhibitions throughout the year on various themes. Here is a list of some of the top-notch art galleries in Los Angeles that are a treat to visit.

    Downtown LA Art Walk

    Downtown LA Art Walk has incredible paintings, and other artworks on display on the second Thursday, each month. The exhibitions are brought from a number of top class museums from all over the world. So, tourists get a chance to witness some of the great masterpieces here.

    Thinkspace Gallery

    Thinkspace Gallery is a great platform for budding artists who are determined to make their mark in shaping the art scene in LA. These artists are young but highly talented. These artists specialize in design, graphic art, and street art. Visitors are always amazed to come across great pieces of art here.

    Ace Gallery

    Ace Gallery came up with the efforts of Douglas Chrismas, who had already made a mark in Canada back then, by opening an art gallery there. So, since its inception, the place has been Western USA’s biggest commercial exhibition space. There is a dazzling array of contemporary art pieces on display here. Moreover, tourists love the natural lighting and great architectural design of the place, which ensures that there is plenty of sunlight inside the premises. The installation space spans in whopping 30000 square feet area.

    William Turner Gallery

    William Turner Gallery has showcased works of budding artists ever since its inception in 1991. One could find a great number of exhibits on display here including photographs, sculptures, etc.

    La Luz De Jesus

    La Luz De Jesus appeared in this form by the efforts of Billy Shire, who took it upon himself to make it one of the most attractive art galleries. There are a number of rotating prints, sculptures, and paintings on display here.

    Hammer Museum

    Hammer Museum has a number of permanent collections as well including Van Gogh, Monet, Rembrandt, etc. The museum has always been known for housing cutting-edge exhibitions.

    Gallery 1988

    Gallery 1988 is a perfect spot for tourists looking to explore the great pop culture of today. It came up with the efforts of Jensen Karp and Katie Cromwell in 2004. Since then, it has been a host to a number of innovative exhibits and shows representing the vibrant pop-culture including Hanksy’s pop-culture art, Joss Whedon’s gallery, etc. There are many emerging artists who love to display their artworks here.

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