• Exploring Los Angeles’ Incredible Date Hikes That Offer Unforgettable Memories

    Beautiful View Of Griffith Observatory

    People are always looking for novel ways to spend time with their partners. Gone is the time when they are simply taking their dates to restaurants or concerts; rather, people are always looking for some adventurous and exciting ways in order to spend some unforgettable moments with their loved ones. Luckily, there are a number of date hikes in Los Angeles that offer unlimited fun and excitement to the couples.

    Griffith Observatory

    Hike to Griffith Observatory is gently graded but one is greeted with spectacular views of the Downtown. The path extends for 2.5 mile and starts from Los Feliz Blvd.

    Wildflower Trail

    Wildflower Trail is like an oasis as the place is surrounded by barren jungle all around. The climb is steady and takes one to the juncture, from where one could see San Gabriel Mountains, I-5, and LA river.

    Hollyridge Trail

    Hollyride Trail takes one to the place, where one is standing directly behind the iconic letters, ‘HOLLYWOOD.’ One gets amazing views from the top here. It is a great spot for couples since the place offers tranquil surroundings and spectacular views.

    Solstice Canyon

    Solstice Canyon is located in the Malibu region, and is easily accessible via Pacific Coast Highway. One needs to turn to Solstice Canyon Road in order to reach Solstice Canyon hike and get panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. However, there are two trails here. One trail spans three miles and is flanked by shaded trees, and there is the other trail, called ‘Rising Sun Trail,’ which exposes the hikers to sunlight. So, one must be aware of this fact and traverse the shaded trail.

    Corral Canyon

    The trail to Corral Canyon is quite narrow at some points; however, the best part is that it is not at all crowded. Moreover, one gets to see palatial homes on their way. Furthermore, there is the delicious and mouth-watering seafood served at Malibu Seafood. So, the trail is worth traversing since one gets to see breathtaking scenery besides enjoying great food.

    Temescal Canyon

    Temescal Canyon is located in tranquil and scenic Pacific Palisades. Adventure loving people could further climb the Skull Rock in order to get maximum fun and excitement.

    Mishe Mokwa Trail

    Mishe Mokwa Trail takes one to Sandstone Peak, which is actually Santa Monica Mountains’ tallest point. The trail spans seven miles of area and the hike is mostly gradual, and very easy to navigate. Moreover, the terrain is well-maintained as well. So, it is a befitting trail to traverse for the couples. Moreover, they are also greeted with spectacular views of mountain ranges, rock formations, and Pacific Ocean.

    Del Cerro Park

    Del Cerro Park is located in Rancho Palos Verdes. It is a four mile hike that is quite easy to traverse at the beginning. However, the slope gets steep later on. The couples get a chance to see amazing views of Palos Verdes Peninsula as well as Pacific Ocean. Moreover, one also gets a chance to get to a beach nearby and amass some cherishing memories with their partner. The whole atmosphere is mesmerizing and overpowering.

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