• Exploring Los Angeles’ Secret Hikes That Offer Thoroughly Rejuvenating Experience

    View Of Hiking On Mountains

    There is a dazzling array of options of spending quality time in LA. While most of the people are enchanted by nightclubs and bars here; there is a great variety of other options as well. The place abounds in natural beauty, and tourists could always go for visiting natural parks and gardens. Similarly, there are a great variety of secret hikes here that are sure to stun the visitors. Here is a list of some of the topmost secret hikes that are sure to offer rejuvenating experience to the tourists.

    Corral Canyon’s Backbone Trail

    This is situated in Malibu where there are Santa Monica Mountains spread in 1000 acres of area. However, the best hiking trail here is Backbone Trail, which takes one to Corral Canyon Cave. The place has always been a great tourist destination. The entrance has now been closed; still, tourists could always visit the spot and enjoy the breathtaking views of the surroundings.

    Sycamore Canyon Trail

    Sycamore Canyon Trail is located in Whittier and is an unpretentious spot. Thus, it is visited by feew visitors. So, people could always visit the spot and enjoy the pristine surroundings, and breathe in some fresh air. The best part is that the stream runs throughout the year. One could also camp in the park. So, all these features make the spot number one choice for the families.

    The Wisdom Tree Hike

    People are always enchanted by that Hollywood Sign that adorns LA. So, they invariably take the Beachwood Canyon that gives them a chance to witness this sign. However, if they continue hiking on Beachwood Canyon they come across The Wisdom Tree. However, the hike is suitable only for daring and adventure loving people, since it is steep and long as well. However, one is rewarded on reaching the top, since they find a tree and other notebooks inside an ammunition box, where one could leave their wisdom before departing. So, this always intrigues the visitors.

    Murphy Ranch Trail

    Murphy Ranch Trail in Brentwood is perhaps the loveliest of all the hikes. It takes one through the Nazi compound that is abandoned. It sits right at the centre of mountains here. There is a sanctuary as well that was built by dummies who thought that the Germans will come here after winning over America. Overall, the place offers great time to the visitors.

    Grotto Trail

    Grotto Trail is in Malibu and starts from Yerba Buena Road. One treks through caves, waterfalls, crazy boulders, and of course, the grottos. So, the experience is simply breathtaking.

    Solstice Canyon Loop Trail

    The Solstice Canyon Loop Trail takes one through abandoned mansion here. It is a great fun to witness such a site.

    Sunken City

    This hike is located in San Pedro. It may be called a lost city actually, and there are ‘No Trespassing Signs,’ all over the place. However, the hike is excellent as it gives the visitors a chance to witness such amazing things. One is also able to locate awesome graffiti as well. Overall, the hike offers visitors a great deal of excitement and fun, besides offering them some workout as well.

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