• Extremely Exciting And Rejuvenating Winter Road Trips From Los Angeles

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    Los Angeles has always been a charming place for the visitors, which is full of pleasant surprises. Tourists are always stunned by the natural beauty of the place, along with a dazzling array of entertainment options they could choose from. And, when it comes to the road trips from Los Angeles, there is no dearth of such excitingly adventurous and intriguing road trips. Moreover, the thrill of going to the road trips multiplies in winters because one obviously gets respite from the scorching and sweltering heat, and gets an opportunity to witness the picturesque snow-clad mountains. So, some of the exciting and rejuvenating winter road trips from Los Angeles are included here.


    Mammoth is a five hour drive from Los Angeles. The place enjoys the distinction of having some of USA’s best ski slopes. Moreover, Mammoth Tavern also caters to the needs of the expectant visitors by providing them the best time of their life. People could stay at Mammoth Mountain Inn in order to savour the natural beauty of the area, and also get a chance to visit Travertine Hot Springs.


    The visit to Temecula is completely adventurous and exciting. For the ones looking forward to amass the best moments of their life, the trip could be no less than perfect. One could navigate the area on foot, or opt for hopping on the horses as there are a number of ‘Saddle Up Wine Tours’. The place has more than 50 wineries, so that means one could choose from a dazzling array of options. The culinary scene of the place is equally appealing as one could eat such perfectly done dishes as Creole-spiced fries or beef carpaccio at Leoness Cellars. Moreover, there is the popular Pechanga Casino that welcomes the visitors 24 by 7, and offers them unlimited fun by hosting great poker tournaments and concerts frequently.


    The quaint place suddenly buzzes with activity as the locals start preparing for Christmas. So, one is greeted with a dazzling array of seasonal festivities here in the month of November to January. The whole atmosphere is full of fun and frolics, as the tourists and the locals revel in the festivals and competitions here including holiday art show, tree-lighting ceremony, holiday beer walk, and Christmas tree burn, to name a few.


    Indio is just 2.5 hours drive from Los Angeles, and the place enjoys great weather, thanks to the natural landscape of the area, as it has the amazing cloud-mountain barriers that facilitate the organisation of International Tamale Festival here on the 5th and 6th day of December every year. The hospitality industry of the place has witnessed an incredible expansion as well, since there are a number of quality hotels that have come up here.

    Dana Point

    Dana Point is just a 90 minute drive from Los Angeles, and it is a perfect destination for all those who are looking to get a break from the hectic life that they had been leading. One gets completely rejuvenated and refreshed after soaking in the natural beauty of the area as there are a number of options that one could exercise here including playing golf on the popular St. Regis Monarch Golf Course, or get some cocktails at Ritz-Carlton, or participate in the boat parade held on the 11th day of December every year.

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