• Finest Theatres In Los Angeles Offering Extremely Exciting Experience

    View Of El Capitan

    Los Angeles is a place that is abuzz with activity, fun, and frolics. People flock the place in order to see the prominent landmarks here, including the most famous ‘Hollywood’, the place where the iconic movie stars gather to create history. It is no surprise that the place is inundated with beautiful theatres. The theatres here are so exciting that the experience of watching a movie is greatly enhanced. So, here is a list of some of these stunning theatres.

    Regal LA Live

    The experience of seeing a movie at 4DX theatre at this popular spot is going to give people some delightful and unforgettable memories. The experience of embarking upon the virtual-reality ride is simply surreal.  The experience of sitting on floating and shaky seats, and witnessing the water, smoke, and explosion effects is outstanding. Moreover, the place enjoys the distinction of having one of two such theatres in the US.

    Landmark West LA

    The place is popular among the foodies as they couldn’t resist the temptation of eating killer snacks here, along with watching the movies. Moreover, one could see ‘living room’ style here as the management here provides couches for the people to sit comfortably and watch the movies.

    Cinerama Dome At The Arclight

    The experience of watching a movie is completely transformed at this theatre when one sits inside this geodesic dome, which is perfectly made with the help of 316 hexagons. This is the reason behind the roaring popularity of the theatre since its inception in 1963.

    Screenx At CGV Cinemas

    This theatre in Koreatown has the country’s first multi-projector, which enables a person to watch the movie from up to 270 degrees. The experience of watching a movie here is unique and memorable.


    The experience of watching a movie at a theatre is heightened if one could get some delicious food as well. And, this combination is simply perfect here as one could munch the food from none other than ‘Sherry Yard’, while reclining in ultra-wide, comfortable, and cushy seats.

    El Capitan

    El Capitan was taken over by determined Disney in 1991, who was resolute to transform the movie-watching experience of people. The spending building, along with the cushy seats and amazing sound effects do their bit in entrancing the visitors. Moreover, the inclusion of post-screening and pre-screening stage shows further heightens the movie watching experience. Most of the people coming here also like the park-style theme rides that are exactly at the back of the theatre. So, the experience of coming here on a weekend along with kids seems to be a perfect idea.

    New Beverly

    Once considered to be a dilapidated shack, the theatre was brought back to life by Quentin Tarantino who wanted to do whatever he could to make this theatre alive. His efforts were lauded by the people as they flock the place to watch some vintage reels here.

    TCL Chinese IMAX

    TCL Chinese IMAX at Hollywood enjoys the distinction of being the most famed Chinese theatre in the world. Moreover, the availability of the biggest IMAX Screen in the world here, measuring 94’*46’ further adds to the popularity of the theatre.

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