• Five Thoroughly Rejuvenating And Adventurous Spots In The Vicinity Of Los Angeles

    View Of Joshua Tree

    While people have a dazzling array of options to choose from in LA, there are equally enthralling and adventurous spots in the vicinity of LA that are worth visiting. The best part is that they can be reached within a couple of hours or so, that means, one could set aside a day for the trip only, and savour the natural beauty of nature. Some of this extraordinary spots in LA are listed here.

    Palm Springs

    Palm Springs is one of the most popular choices of people of LA because of multitude of facilities available here. For instance, there is a great number of golf courses, art museums, fashion festivals, hiking trails, etc. And, the best part is that the weather here is quite pleasant throughout the year. So, all this explains why Palm Springs is a hot favourite tourist destination.

    Joshua Tree

    Joshua Tree is a small remote hippie town located just outside the Joshua Tree National Park. The best part about this spot is that it is the perfect place for adventure loving people who like to go hiking. Apart from a great variety of trails that are suitable for both mediocre and experienced hikers, one gets to witness breathtaking views from the trails. Moreover, there are plenty of eating options as well, since one could get scrumptious pizza at David Bowie, or could head towards Crossroads Café in order to eat lip-smacking Tofu Scramble.


    Coronado is a small and quaint island beyond San Diego. The length of the island makes it an ideal place to visit for a day. One gets to witness amazing San Diego skyline while travelling towards Coronado in a ferry that could be taken from SD docks located in Centennial Park. Moreover, the public golf course here is considered among country’s best golf courses. So, one could bring their clubs in order to enjoy playing golf. Overall, it is a great place to spend one’s time as one feels completely refreshed and rejuvenated after spending a day here, either alone or with their friends and family members.

    Santa Barbara

    Santa Barbara has always been a great spot for spending one’s weekend. Tourists are spoilt for choice here since they are greeted with astonishing Mediterranean-styled architectural buildings, scintillating food, great variety of drinks, and above all a great variety of musical fests. Apart from this, the place is also liked by experienced surfers since they get the best conditions to surf here.

    Big Bear

    Big Bear is popularly known for offering the best climatic conditions for skiing. This is because the place is entirely covered with snow during winters. However, the weather does warm up in summers, and there are a number of options to choose from in summers as well. For instance, one could opt for fishing, hiking, or simply sit in the shade of the trees and bask in the glory of nature. The best part about the place is the availability of great food here. One could get lip-smacking food at Teddy Bear Restaurant here. The dishes like bacon with glistening brown sugar on the top, and chicken pot pie, etc. are too tempting to resist.

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