• Hikes In Los Angeles Offering Unimaginable Experience

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    Los Angeles has always associated with Hollywood, and as a result, the type of visitors that plan their visits to Los Angeles always come to enjoy the glittering nightlife of the city, and visit some of the palatial homes of their favourite celebrities. Moreover, they also plan to visit some of the posh markets here in order to shop from the place their celebrities shop from. However, such tourists are always given a welcome surprise when they come to know about countless natural attractions in Los Angeles. There are plenty of hikes in Los Angeles that take one through the beautiful landscapes here. So, here are some of the topmost hikes in LA that are a must to explore.

    Santa Monica Mountains

    Santa Monica Mountains are located in the vicinity of Pacific Coast. Rolling and rounded hills characterize these mountains. Trails here are suitable for all sorts of hikers since they are at a lower elevation. However, there aren’t many shaded areas here.  Visitors come across beautiful wildflower blooms and California Grassland. Some of the greatest hikes in this area are listed here.

    Sandstone Peak

    Sandstone Peak is the most popular hike, and this is for a reason actually, as the trail takes people to the highest point in the mountains. The views from the top are simply surreal. Besides, the experience of walking past the jagged peaks and riparian canyons is equally amazing too.

    Temescal Canyon

    The best thing about Temescal Canyon is the gradual ascent that it has to offer to the hikers. Besides, the hike is sunny and shaded too. Other features of the trail that attract the people are seasonal waterfall, breathtaking coastal views, and strange and peculiar rock formations.

    Malibu Creek State Park

    Malibu Creek State Park is just the perfect spot to witness great rivers and lakes. The features of the place make it suitable for rock climbing and hiking too.

    Solstice Canyon

    Solstice Canyon Trail is hugely popular among the people. One comes across the oldest living tree and the oldest stone structure in Malibu while hiking here. The best part is that the trails are shaded and soothing.

    San Gabriel Mountains

    San Gabriel Mountains spans 655000 acres of area, and offer plenty of rugged mountains to tread. Some of the greatest paths to traverse here include.

    Mount Baldy

    A visit to San Gabriel Mountains is certainly incomplete without hiking Mount Baldy or Mount San Antonio trail. Though the path is rugged still the thrill of reaching Los Angeles County’s highest point at 10064 feet is completely overwhelming. Moreover, Mount Baldy is San Gabriel’s highest peak too. One comes across some scintillating views and ridgeline trails that are simply exhilarating.

    Santa Anita Canyon

    Santa Anita Canyon is undoubtedly the most stunning river canyon in the entire region. One comes across two waterfalls and historic cabins while traversing the trail. Further, there is the unmistakable Sturtevant Falls. Though the falls is crowded the trail is serene and idyllic and offer thoroughly refreshing experience to visitors. Moreover, the availability of campsites here makes the place even more attractive and popular among the people.

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