• Hiking Trails In Los Angeles Offering Truly Rejuvenating Experience

    View Of Eaton Canyon

    Most of the tourists are attracted to LA because of the unmistakable Hollywood here, which catches the fancy of the tourists. However, besides the Hollywood and other obvious attractions including hotels, entertainment complexes, theatres, restaurants, malls, etc. there is a lot more to do in LA. In fact, the place has some of the finest trails offering great experience. So, tourists could always think of embarking upon these trails in order to get the real essence of the place. Here are some of the top-notch hiking trails in LA.

    Runyon Canyon

    Runyon Canyon is always teeming with hikers who are here to soak in great views of the surroundings. They are particularly enchanted with the idea of exploring Hollywood Hills from the top of the trail, which is known by the name ‘Cloud’s Rest.’ Tourists are invariably amazed by the stunning views of million dollar gorgeous mansions. The trail extends 3 miles and is in a loop form.

    Griffith Park Trails

    Griffith Park enjoys the distinction of being among North America’s largest urban parks, which is spread in whopping 4300 acres of area. And, Griffith Park Trails have always been the favourite trails of filmmakers, simply because of the close proximity of the trails to the unmistakable Hollywood sign and other spectacular mansions of celebrities. Among the prominent trails is the ‘Bronson Canyon,’ which is just a mile long, but offers great views of the surroundings.

    Then, there is the Griffith Observatory West Trail Loop that extends 2.5 miles, and is one of the most peaceful and quiet trails. Besides, it offers breathtaking views of surroundings, as soon as one reaches Mount Hollywood Drive. The trail also intersects Mulholland Trail.

    Franklin Canyon Park

    Franklin Canyon Park is spread in 605 acres of area, and has a number of hiking trails that extend over five miles. There are easy hikes as well around the reservoir that offer great chance to hikers to see plenty of wildlife and birds. Moreover, there are difficult hikes as well like Hastain Trail, which are also worth exploring since they offer stunning views of Pacific Ocean. The beauty of the park has already been captured by the filmmakers many times.

    Wilacre Park

    Wilacre Park spans 128 acre of area, and has a number of hikes that take one through three beautiful parks, namely Fryman Canyon, Wilacre, and Coldwater Canyon. The most popular hike here is Betty B. Dearing Trail that extends 2.5 miles and offers great views of gorgeous San Fernando Valley, and ‘Rainforest,’ to name a few. The trail also takes one to Coldwater Canyon Park. Further, there is the cul-de-sac located at Iredell Lane that takes one to unassuming Rainforest Trail, which is actually in the Fryman Canyon. So, a visit to the park is going to leave one completely mesmerized and overpowered.

    Eaton Canyon

    Eaton Canyon Nature Center spans 190 acre area and is a great botanical, zoological, and geological nature preserve. It is located just at the base of unmistakable San Gabriel Mountains. The area has a lot of things to offer including hiking trails, biking trails, a seasonal stream, picnic areas, a great variety of plants and animals, and a 40-foot waterfall.

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