• Incredibly Hilarious Traditional Comedy Clubs In Los Angeles

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    Los Angeles has always been a bustling place. People here seem to be over-occupied with the frenzied pace of their life. However, in order to alleviate the stress level of the people there is a dazzling array of opportunities here. And, among these, is the availability of multitude of places offering hilarious comedy shows. In fact, the storied comedy scene of LA is developed than any other place in the country. There are countless spots offering exhilarating improvised or standup comedy options, including the spots that are located in the underground. So, here is a list of some of these great spots in LA.

    The Comedy And Magic Club

    The Comedy And Magic Club in Hermosa Beach is an unmistakable spot. Locals love this spot for its simplicity and plainness. Some great performers have been a part for this legendary club, including Robin Williams, Jerry Seinfeld, etc.


    ‘Flappers’ at Burbank has always been underrated, simply because of its unassuming location. However, the place has some of the best comedians including Jeff Garlin, who performs on Sundays. Apart from this, there is some decent food and drinking options as well.

    IO West

    IO West at Hollywood is a great place to witness some of the best improvised comedy. The best part is that the place offers some great writing classes here. The place enjoys the reputation of churning out some of the great talented actors and writers from here.

    The Comedy Store

    The Comedy Store in West Hollywood is a popular spot. The place has three rooms, and it is in the ‘Main Room’ that one could see legends giving their startling performances, like Brody Stevens and Bobby Lee. Moreover, there are some other great names as well who make it a point to offer their great appearances here including Sarah Silverman and Russell Brand. Apart from this, the thrill of eating at the iconic bar of the restaurant, while savouring the natural beauty of the sunset outside is simply unsurpassed.

    The Laugh Factory

    The Laugh Factory in West Hollywood is another option that people have if they are unable to gain entrance in The Comedy Store. The place has also lived up to the expectation of the people all the time. The great performers here include Chris D’Elia, Kevin Nealon, etc.

    The Groundlings

    The Groundlings has carved a niche for itself when it comes to offering the best improvised comedy. In fact, the improvisers here are simply unrivalled. Moreover, there is a pleasant surprise for the audience each week since they are greeted with a distinguished guest and some great performers like Jordan Black.

    Upright Citizens Brigade

    UCB is a great spot for watching improvised and standup comedy. It is located at Los Feliz and Hollywood. The comedians here perform excellently and get roaring response from the audience.

    Acme Comedy Theatre

    Acme Comedy Theatre is a perfect spot for sketch comedy. So, people looking for a chance often visit this place as well.

    The Improv

    The Improv at Hollywood is decidedly the most popular club in LA. It is a dream of every upcoming comedian to perform at The Improv. Moreover, people are always suggested by their relatives and friends to visit the place at least once to enjoy the incredible comic scene of the place.

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