• Little Known Places In Los Angeles That Are A Treat To Explore

    View Of Echo Park Lake

    A mention of Los Angeles conjures up images of beaches, celebrities, and Hollywood in the minds of people. However, this is a shallow view of LA that many people have in their minds. This is because the place has a lot much to offer to the visitors. There are some exotic locations to explore in LA that offer completely rejuvenating experience to tourists. There are places that are suitable for art and history lovers. Moreover, there is something for nature lovers too as there are some amazing hikes offering great hiking experience and sweeping views of the surroundings. So, here are some charming places in LA that are a treat to explore.

    Bradbury Building

    Bradbury Building is a historic site that got built in 1893. There is a class written all over the building, and this is the reason tourists must make it a point to explore the astonishing beauty of the building. The building has always attracted filmmakers as they have filmed a number of films here.

    Echo Park Lake

    Echo Park Lake is an amazing park located towards the east side of LA. Locals love to visit the site as it offers them a great respite from the hectic life that they lead. It gives a chance to them to get a break from the monotonous routine that they have been leading. Tourists too love to swim, boat, and just relax by the tranquil water.

    Virginia Robinson Gardens

    Virginia Robinson Gardens came into being in 1911. The gardens offer great experience to tourists as there are beautiful landscapes.  There is a mansion at the centre that has historical significance. So, besides enjoying nature visitors get a chance to peep into the rich history of LA. The scenery of the place is marvellous. So, it is a perfect spot for nature lovers. This is the reason why rich people love to organise private parties and events here; they simply cannot miss a chance to invite their guests to this amazingly beautiful location.

    Abalone Cove Shoreline Park

    This is a great natural site located in Rancho Palos Verdes. There are several trails here that give tourists a chance to get sweeping views of the surroundings. Besides, there are two beautiful beaches and an unmistakable state ecological reserve. Moreover, there are specific sites that offer stunning views of surroundings. So, tourists could always stop at these sites and witness stunning beauty of nature.

    Wayfarers Chapel

    People visiting LA need to visit this site in order to witness the amazing architectural design of the building and the inexplicable charm and beauty of the place. The building was designed by the innovative and talented architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The beautiful design of glass and stone invariably catches the attention of the visitors.

    The Adamson House

    The Adamson House is another great location that has grace and grandeur associated with it; so much so, that the place was given the sobriquet of ‘the Taj Mahal of Tile.’ So, one could imagine the beauty of this historic site that was built in the year 1930.

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