• Los Angeles Finest Mexican Sandwiches That Are Too Tempting To Resist

    Beautiful Woman Eating Sandwich

    Los Angeles is the centre of activity, and is always teeming with people. There are a lot of entertainment shows, a number of art exhibits, and a lot of amazing sites that one could witness. And more importantly, the place has excelled in satiating the culinary desires of people. One could find authentic Mexican cuisine here, and while people bet they can’t find the better tacos in any place but Los Angeles, the place is also famous for providing the true Mexican sandwiches, some of which are listed here.

    Lonche De Lomo

    Lonche De Lomo is basically the pork loin sandwich that is the speciality of Primera Taza, a coffee shop in Boyle Heights that has carved a niche for itself when it comes to using the quality ingredients to provide the authentic taste of Mexican sandwiches. People could do nothing but gape in astonishment at the amazing taste of this sandwich that is stuffed with marinated pork loin, smoky chile sauce, avocado, red onion, pickled jalapeno, and tomato. One really feels elevated after having tasted this blissful sandwich.

    Torta Clasico

    Torta Clasico served at Corazon Y Miel represents what culinary skills can do to rather unassuming and almost forgotten dishes. The same applies to latest transformation of ‘de asada’ or the ‘classic torta’ by none other than the artistic chef Eddie Ruiz, as he creates magic by smothering the ordinary classic torta with creamy refried beans, and tops the combination with spicy Anaheim chile, buttery avocado, crisp and raw onions, and ‘queso fresco’.

    Torta De Poc Chuc

    Torta De Poc Chuc is a signature dish of Chicken Itza that is prepared by the famous Chef Gilbert Cetina. Only he knows the magic of turning an ordinary torta into an amazing dish by stuffing it with pork shoulder that is mesquite-grilled, roasted red onion, black beans, avocado, and tomato.

    Breakfast Torta

    Breakfast Tosta is the most favoured dish served at Guerrilla Tacos truck. It is incredible to believe that Chef Wes Avila always comes with one unpredictable dish after the other. A seemingly ordinary curve ball shows its magical charm as soon as people take just one bite of it. The moment they taste it they are able to realize that the dish is otherworldly, and they are right so for the dish is prepared by including buttery croissant, fried egg, aged cheddar, aioli, heirloom tomato, chile morita, and avocado.

    Torta De Carnitas

    It is the trademark dish of Carnitas El Momo. This is basically a ‘mixta’ torta that is made from combining pork shoulder, hog maw and skin, and offers the visitors with unique experience of eating a torta.

    Cemita De Milanesa

    For the food lovers who are in constant search of the proper cemita in the restaurants and food trucks of LA, they should straightaway head to Los Poblanos, which is a food truck that prepares exactly what you are looking for. The truck could be found in Boyle Heights and excels in making the soft and fresh cemita rolls. Moreover, one feels the softness and tenderness of the Milanesa from the inside, and the perfect crispy touch at the outside as soon as they take the first bite of this perfectly prepared breaded beef.

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