• Los Angeles’ Incredibly Refreshing And Rejuvenating Artisanal Tea Shops

    View Of Downtown Los Angles

    Los Angeles has always been known for offering super-classical craft coffee; however, the scene is changing now as a plethora of artisanal tea shops have thronged the place. These spots are equally refreshing and rejuvenating, and the people are invariably awed by their magnetic taste. So, here is a list of some of the spots in Los Angeles that have perfected in mesmerizing the tourists with the incredulous quality of tea.

    American Tea Room

    American Tea Room in Arts District provides thrilling and adventurous experience as one could chose from a dazzling array of 200 varieties of teas, some of which are exotic. Moreover, visitors could also fiddle with the gargantuan touch screen in order to explore the options, and select the one that suits them. The restaurant has BKON Machines that brew the tea perfectly in a matter of seconds. Some of the unique varieties of tea here include Green Tea Terere, and Himalayan Butter Tea, to name a few.

    Pearl’s Finest Teas

    Pearl’s Finest Teas is an unmistakable spot in Beverly Grove that distinguishes itself from others on the basis of its stylish interiors, and flawlessly prepared tea. The best part is that the owner Phong Trinh interacts with the customers to suggest them the best possible tea according to their mood and cravings. So, they are offered customized drinks. Moreover, the customers are served cold brewed tea, solely to reduce the acid content in the tea. The flavours are varied and include lychee and taro, to name a few. However, the beverages that stand from the rest are chamango, horchata milk tea, and lavender tea, which has yuzu along with freshly squeezed orange.

    Rubies + Diamonds

    Rubies + Diamonds is experimenting with the latest fad of Nitro coffee and teas. It is helmed by Jean Shim, who earlier owned Lamill. The place is known for offering unique combinations. Some of the intriguing teas served here include satiny smooth and creamy nitro-chilled teas, which come with variety of flavours like turmeric tea, ginger ale green tea, and creamy matcha. The place has BKON brewers that provide the teas instantly. Moreover, the menu contains detailed descriptions of the teas and the properties of the leaves, etc. So, a careful look at the menu will certainly leave one enlightened regarding teas.

    Shuhari Matcha Café

    Suhari Matcha Café is haven for green tea lovers, who simply cannot resist the idea of sipping perfectly done teas that are prepared with meticulous detail to things as temperature and brewing time. Moreover, the teas come straight from Japan. Apart from this, bags of superior quality loose leaves are also offered to the curious visitors. Among the 40 types of teas, there are some uncommon varieties as well, including effervescent matcha sparkler, which is actually artisanal tea soda and is tailor-made.

    Basanti Tea Boutique

    Basanti Tea Boutique is a well-known tea bar chain in Mexico. The owners have now expanded their operation in America, opening the first branch in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. The teas are organic and are of top quality. The place also provides mixed drinks including, matcha tea latte, and Dragon Cookie, to name a few.

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