• Los Angeles’ Incredulously Intriguing Road Trips That Offer Unforgettable Experience

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    Los Angeles is a great place to visit. Not only the downtown but also the areas in its vicinity abound in natural beauty. People feel completely refreshed and rejuvenated when they visit such places. So, here are some of the intriguing and refreshing road trips that are a must to be undertaken in summers.


    It takes just 1.5 hours or so to cover 85 miles of the distance to reach Temecula. The place is famous for having a number of vineyards. Moreover, what excites the tourists is the availability of hot-air balloon rides. Moreover, there is a casino as well for tourist to entertain themselves. All in all it is a great trip amidst the natural surroundings.


    As one heads northeast from LA for 81 miles they are greeted by the picturesque town of Ojai. There are a number of boutique shops and galleries here. Apart from this, one could also eat fresh farm food here along with experiencing the thrill of listening to live and soothing music at locally famous Ojai Deer Lodge. Moreover, for adventure loving people there are a number of biking tours and they could enjoy biking on the mountains amidst the citrus groves. One could also indulge in other activities including hiking and rock climbing.


    Carlsbad is 1.5 hours drive from LA towards the southeast. It is a quaint old place that has a rich history. Apart from visiting the famous museums including Museum of Making Music and California Surf Museum one could simply relish in the relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. It is a great retreat from the hectic life. The secluded place has always attracted the tourists the moment they arrive here.


    Solvang has everything that a tourist would crave for as it has outdoor theatres, Vintage Motorcycle Museum depicting the rich history of the area, and a number of wineries. It is a great place for the tourist to spend their holidays.

    Joshua Tree

    Joshua Tree is for adventure loving people who could withstand toasty summer weather. Hiking during summers could be challenging but exciting here. Summer sunsets are a visual delight for the tourists. Moreover, there are a couple of good museums here including Crochet Museum and Noah Purifoy’s Outdoor Museum. There are a lot of eating joints along with the completely refurbished and renovated motel called the Pioneertown Motel.

    Big Bear Lake

    Big Bear Lake is 110 miles away from LA towards the northeast. The best part about the place is the availability of a number of activities that are really enjoyable and fun-filled, including jet skiing, kayaking, sailing, biking, hiking, snowboarding, etc. All these activities are intriguing for the tourist. Moreover, the local brewery and the eating joints offer great dining experience as well.

    Big Sur

    Last but not the least is the trip to Big Sur. Well, the tourists who want to visit the place for the sake of visiting it should actually beware and spare some more time for the area as the place is really electrifying. There are a number of hiking options as one could choose to wade their way through the rugged terrain in the woods. Moreover, there are a lot of charming things including pristine waterfalls, cool weather, and great dining options which make the place a hit among the tourists.

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