• Los Angeles Most Appealing And Appetizing Mexican Restaurants

    People Sitting In A Restaurant

    Los Angeles never fails to enthral the visitors with its natural beauty and the historical sites. Its landmarks are equally invigorating. Moreover, another thing that the tourists particularly like about the place is the incredible variety of quality food that they could find here. The restaurateurs have put a valiant effort in ensuring that the people of LA get the traditional and authentic taste of various cuisines right at their doorstep. And, the same is the case with Mexican restaurants in the city, as they have never failed to provide the best quality Mexican food to the people. Here is a list of some of the best Mexican restaurants in LA.

    Taco Maria

    Taco Maria is claimed by foodies to be the best restaurant in LA area. The owner and the chef Carlos Salgado has amassed a lot of quality experience while working in the hospitality industry. The menu here changes as per the availability of the fresh ingredients; however, some of the dishes that are served during the year include ‘Pozole de Abulon’ which is a soup prepared from beef tendon, abalone, hominy, clams, lime and turnip. Then, there is “Tocino con Chicharos” which is a delicious bean dish that is smothered with the best quality bacon.

    Carnitas Uruapan

    The food served here is completely authentic Mexican flavour. One could feel the delicious taste of carnitas suritida, a Michoacan styled pork that is prepared perfectly from the whole hog. Moreover, one could find the colourful and beaming murals of pigs all over the walls as a way of paying homage to hog.

    Gabbi’s Mexican Kitchen

    Gabbi’s Mexican Kitches is in the Orange Circle and excels in providing the traditional and the authentic Mexican dishes by making use of fresh ingredients. Some of the dishes offered at the restaurant include shrimp enchiladas that are smothered with white Mexican cheese and sautéed spinach.

    Mexi Casa

    Mexi Casa has maintained the quality of the service it provides since it has been in operation in 1965. Its dishes of cheese have been a hot favourite among the locals. Moreover, it has continued to remain with the same out of date interior.

    Sol Cocina

    One finds this restaurant in an upscale setting, and the food too matches the location of the restaurant. The Baja Mexico’s fresh and seafood flavour is simply flawless. Moreover, the other dishes like ‘Viper Taco’, and ‘Mexican Shrimp Al Mojo de Ajo” have dynamic flavours as well.

    El Fortin

    El Fortin is well-known for offering crickets or chapulines that is a famous Mexican delicacy. At El Fortin the dish is well roasted along with salt, garlic, and lime, or in the quesadillas and chile relleno. Also, the molletes and moles are also among the hot-selling dishes of the restaurant.

    Tacos Ensenada

    The unassuming restaurant serves the most delicious Mexican food that is a treat to have. Among its popular dishes is the ‘mixto ceviche tostadas’ which is liked by a lot of people. Also, ‘Coctel De Campechana’ is equally liked by people as they find it perfect seafood cocktail that is served along with octopus, abalone, and shrimp. The restaurant has maintained the quality of the food since its inception.

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