• Los Angeles’ Most Spectacular And Startling Scenic Runs

    View Of Palisades Park

    Los Angeles is full of natural scenic spots. There is an incredibly huge number of hiking trails here. The place abounds in natural beauty as well. And, when it comes to the scenic runs, then also there is no dearth of places that offer the most spectacular and startling scenic runs to the people. Some of these places offering great running experience are included here.

    Silver Lake Reservoir

    The place has always enjoyed the popularity of being one of the greatest places in LA to offer pleasant run to the people. There are a lot of shaded spots in this 2.2 mile stretch. Also, there is ample space for parking outside the reservoir.

    Griffith Park

    Griffith Park offers ultimate views of the city along with the glimpses of the Hollywood sign. There are a number of trails but for the adventure loving people the trail starting from the Griffith Observatory and extending till Mount Hollywood is the best.

    The Strand

    The Strand is a popular path for the bikers as the path is paved and is 22 miles long. However, there is also the pedestrian walkway here. This extends from Will Rogers State Historic Park till South Bay. The whole length of the path is a treat to tread since one experience a lot of beachside communities while running.

    Ocean Trails Reserve

    Ocean Trails Reserve is a tranquil and serene coastal trail that is 4.5 miles long. The trail surrounds the Trump Gold Course and also gives one a chance to have an access to tranquil beach here and bathe in the sun.

    Lake Balboa

    Lake Balboa is spread in 27 acre and has a number of activities for everyone including pedal boats, picnic areas, and spots for kids to fly the kites. So, it is a great place for running while enjoying various activities of people.

    Elysian Park

    It is the second largest park of LA and offers breathtaking views of the Downtown and the valley. There are a number of spots for running but the one starting from West Loop offers great fun and exciting experience.

    Palisades Park

    The 3 miles path that surrounds the Ocean Avenue is bedecked with random sculptures and is full of trees. It is amazing to run here in the evening while the sun is setting and the cooler air from the sea is embracing the runners.

    Bluff Trail Park

    Bluff Trail Park comes as a surprise for the runners as they are amazed to discover how this park is so well-maintained. Though there is a short trail of just 0.5 miles but the park is spotless, and the atmosphere here is very soothing and relaxing.

    Echo Park Lake

    Echo Park Lake offers amazing views of the Downtown’s glistening skyscrapers. Moreover, the running trail is flanked by the trees and there is also a magnificent fountain right at the middle.

    Veterans Parkway

    This is also known by the name of Hermosa Valley Greenbelt. The path here is lush green and runs exactly parallel to the massive ocean alongside. Moreover, there are a number of benches so that one could stop and soak in the natural beauty while taking some rest from running continuously.

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