• Los Angeles’ New Food Trucks That Serve Enticing And Delicious Food

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    Los Angeles has always been a place that has attracted millions of people towards it because of its beautiful architecture, along with the products and services it has to offer to the buoyant tourists. In hospitality industry as well the place has made rapid strides in order to cater to the requirements of the people. There is a whole new concept of food trucks gathering pace nowadays, an idea, that was born with the efforts of Kogi BBQ in 2008. Well, since then there have been numerous food trucks that have emerged, and the food they serve is so delicious that it could tempt even the most jaded palate. Some of such new food trucks in LA are listed here.

    Chinese Laundry Truck

    There is no dearth of the Chinese food in LA; however, there is definitely an issue when it comes to going out to eat since most of the restaurants serving Chinese food are located in San Gabriel Valley. However, this problem was realized by Chef Leo Lamprides, as he launched the ‘Chinese Laundry Truck’ that offers food on wheels. It is an amazing concept as people can now get the authentic Chinese taste right where they live. The truck serves all sorts of food including Hainan Chicken, beef risotto, Sichuan noodles, noodle salad, to name a few. There is also the most popular tea egg that has five-spice added to it, which is liked by most of the people who try it.

    Yeastie Boys

    Yeastie Boys have carved a niche for itself when it comes to providing excellent bagels of New York style. They collaborate with the coffee joints to ensure that people could experience the amazing taste of various sorts of bagels while sipping their coffees. Poppy, cheddar, sesame, etc. are some of the flavours of the chewy bagels. There is one issue though with the service that it is available in the early mornings only since the truck runs out of the ingredients as the day progresses, and one generally has to wait in longer queues as well. So, early risers are going to benefit the most from this truck.

    The Rooster Truck

    Chef Rouha Sadighi’s efforts bore fruit as ‘The Rooster Truck’ came up. It serves brunch to the famished customers. There is a whole new variety of items on the menu including Rico Suave, which is the burrito prepared from bacon, eggs, cotija-cheddar blended cheese, avocado, tater tots, cilantro cream, and molcajete salsa, all of which are held by flour tortilla, which, in turn, is perfectly grilled.

    White Guy Pad Thai

    Chef Bryan Sharp took it upon himself to ensure that the Thai food got distributed in LA over the wheels, and so, came the ‘White Guy Pad Thai’ that serves authentic Thai food including pad Thai omelette, Thai fried chicken, etc. This truck could mostly be found in the farmers market in the Arts District, or outside the Alfred Coffee in The Wheelhouse.

    Made In Brooklyn Pizza

    Angelenos can now have the taste of the most real and authentic New York pizza. These pizzas can be eaten along with the amazing variety of salads including cucumber, tomato, all sorts of greens, and the appealing Italian dressing.

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