• Marvellous Beach Road Trips From LA That Offer Extremely Exhilarating Experience

    Nice View Of Santa Catalina Island

    Los Angeles enjoys roaring popularity among the locals as well as the tourists, who flock the area throughout the year. They are always welcomed by the warm hospitality extended by the people of Los Angeles. The restaurants and hotels offer top-notch services. However, a section of the people does complain sometimes about having visited all the significant spots in LA. So, such tourists and locals could always embark upon some beach roads trips starting from LA that are just 45 minutes to 3 hours away from LA, and offer extremely exhilarating experience to the visitors.

    Hermosa Beach, CA

    Hermosa Beach is a great beach just 45 minute away from the Downtown. It has plenty of positive points that make it popular among the visitors including food, huge rush of people, pulsating atmosphere, outdoor sports, and perfect weather. Moreover, there are always some shows running in the nearby Comedy And Magic Club. It is liked by sports lovers since they enjoy surfing, paddleboarding, and playing volleyball amidst such great climatic conditions.

    Santa Catalina Island

    Santa Catalina Island is 48 miles from the Downtown. The place is popular as getting to the place requires a ferry ride, which is an amazing experience in itself. Further, one enjoys a number of facilities and great spots on the island, including the inn situated on Mt. Ada, which has a well-behaved and friendly staff.

    Newport Beach

    Newport Beach is just one hour drive from the Downtown. It is a great site to visit since one enjoys the great experience of surfing on the waves, especially at The Wedge. Moreover, one could always take a ferry to the gorgeous Balboa Island and enjoy whale watching there. Also, one could eat tempting food at restaurants in Newport Pier and watch the seals having fun in the water there.

    Oxnard, CA

    Oxnard is a great spot to visit because of the great weather conditions here along with the unmistakable Ventura County Fair here. One could always rent a jet ski and have that grand experience of wading in the scintillating waters of Channel Islands Harbour. Moreover, there is a dazzling array of adventurous options, including whale watching, camping, water sports, and boat rides.

    Laguna Beach, CA

    One is definitely going to go bonkers after witnessing the breathtaking views of pristine beaches here. Moreover, there are a number of dolphins here as well, which elevate a person’s mood. The experience of witnessing the stunning reflections of sun on sea foam is simply unsurpassed. The best part is that it is just an hour’s drive from LA.

    La Jolla

    La Jolla beach road trip allows one to experience the exhilarating vibes and weather of San Diego beach, but the trick is that one doesn’t go that far to San Diego. There are a number of positive aspects of visiting this gorgeous spots, as one could go for kayaking amidst soothing and peaceful surroundings. Or, one could simply get engrossed in watching the sea lions. Also, great climate here ensures that a person feels completely refreshed and invigorated. The views of the sunset are equally exhilarating and elevating too. Further, there is the unmistakable Oscar’s Mexican Seafood joint here that serves great seafood including grilled octopus tacos, scallop, spicy shrimps, and smoked fish tortas, to name a few.

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