• Most Popular Bakeries In Los Angeles Serving Lip-Smacking Delicacies

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    Los Angeles is a great destination with amazingly developed culinary scene. There are several restaurants and bakeries that have taken the culinary scene to the topmost level, and have placed Los Angeles at the world map. The same is the case with the bakeries here, which never fail to delight the visitors with their lip-smacking delicacies. From buttery and airy croissants to whole wheat scrumptious loaves, one is sure to taste the top-class delicacies here. So, here is a list of most popular bakeries in Los Angeles that have carved a niche for themselves.

    Lodge Bread

    Lodge Bread in Culver City is popular among the foodies for serving great culinary delights. The delicacies prepared here are of top-quality. The chefs here are not only experienced but experimental as well. This is the reason why people are naturally attracted to this spot. Some of the dishes served here include lip-smacking loaves made from sourdough bread, and then there are incredibly amazing cinnamon rolls, and also, there is entrancing pie that is topped with fresh ingredients.


    Pitchoun epitomizes great French bakery that relies upon sustainably sourced ingredients, use of traditional techniques, and application of a lot of butter to churn out delicious cakes, pastries, and breads. The baguettes and croissants are decidedly the best in Los Angeles. And then, there are appealing and mesmerizing dishes including flaky kouign amann, beignets that are filled with raspberry jam or Nutella, great macarons, éclairs, tarts, to name a few.


    Proof in Atwater Village is among USA’s best bakeries. The bakery came up with conscientious efforts of the owner and chef Na Young Ma in 2010. She, along with her team, has prepared some of the excellently done sea salt chocolate scrumptious chip cookies, croissants, seasonal fruit tarts, cakes, caneles, galettes, to name a few. The place is always teeming with diners who cannot hold their temptation of savouring these incredible dishes. So, one must arrive early to taste these awesome dishes.

    Cake Monkey

    Elizabeth Belkind, the pastry chef at Cake Money, has carved a niche for himself when it comes to offering top-notch services. The dishes here are done to perfection. Some of the dishes in the menu here include pop pies, mini-layered cakes, cookie sandwiches that are stuffed with butter cream or ganache, El Rollos, to name a few. People are crazy about the pies served here like cherry almond pie, and cider-roasted apple pie that gets prepared on double cheddar crust.


    Republique at Mid-City never fail to come up to the expectation of the visitors. Chef Margarita Manzke has become a popular name in the area. Some of his delicacies include pecan sticky rolls, brioche bomboloni that is stuffed with cream, flaky and yummy chocolate croissants, to name a few.

    Bouchon Bakery

    Bouchon Bakery at Beverly Hills is an unpretentious spot that excels in providing great baked offerings though. Some of the popular dishes here include giant macarons, tarts, kouign amann, Better Butter, and TKO- Thomas Keller Oreo, to name a few.

    Bread Lounge

    Break Lounge is a bustling place at Arts District. Baker Ran Zimon has amassed a lot of accolades for producing such overpowering dishes. The pastries made here are European-styled, and there are a number of delights here that are carbohydrates friendly, so that one doesn’t feel guilty after savouring these delights.

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