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Vine Vera in Los Angeles

About Vine Vera Los Angeles
Love it or hate it – there are no two ways when it comes to the City of Angels. Los Angeles, the center of the universe for anyone remotely associated with Hollywood, is the most populous city in California. It is home to breathtaking beaches, an exotic nightlife, beautiful forests, a rich culture, majestic mountain ranges and all sorts of sights and activities that you can possibly imagine. Los Angeles is a city that doesn’t change itself for anything or anyone. It consists of dozens of communities with each community and neighborhood offering its unique charm and culture. In fact, the diversity of Los Angeles is one of the main things that sets it apart from the rest.   As many people call it, the City of Angeles, Los Angeles is indeed one of the hot spots for any travel-lover. To put in easily, it is the center of the universe for anyone associated distantly with Hollywood. So Los Angeles, the most popular and populated city in California is beaded with the exotic beaches, shimmering nightlife, breathtaking mountain ranges, deep forests, is one of the best destination for any maverick tourist. And even if you walk through the roads of the city, you will come across a variety of communities and different types of cultures, each of which has a story to tell. This uniqueness and charm are what you will enjoy the most in Los Angeles making it different from the rest of the places.

Vine Vera Los Angeles The Los Angeles County, Ventura County, San Bernandin County and the Riverside County is populated with approximately 17 million people. Arcadia, the most beautiful destination of California is some 13 miles away from the downtown area of Los Angeles. The other attractions, which have made the city special, are the Santa Anita Park Racetrack and the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden. The city was mainly made famous by iconic attractions such as the Santa Anita Park Racetrack and the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden. It also became famous as one of the best places in the US to raise one’s kids. The Vine Vera Store is located in Arcadia in the Westfield Santa Anita Mall. The Westfield Santa Anita Mall, previously known as the Santa Anita Fashion Park, is one of the most popular malls in the region. It is owned by Westfield LLC and is anchored by world famous brands like Nordstrom, Forever 21, JCPenney and Macy’s. The Westfield Santa Anita Mall is home to at least 100 stores and a number of restaurants and cafes as well. The mall features a cool outdoor shopping area as well. The best part about the Westfield Santa Anita Mall is that there is something here for all sorts of shoppers – those looking for branded designer wear as well as those looking for cost effective solutions.

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Vine Vera store in Los Angeles

You can find us on Level 1 of the mall. Our store is surrounded by brands like Bebe, Stride Rite, Nordstrom and Papaya. We have also emerged as one of the main beauty and skin care stores in the region because of our unique and highly effective skin care solutions and collections. The Vine Vera Santa Anita Store is an ideal place for customers looking for a comfortable environment to enjoy a moment of peace and quiet in the otherwise noisy and crowded mall. We offer you with exciting things like free facials, free skin consultations and free product samples and also provide you with access to skin care products that suit your skin type.

The Vine Vera store is situated in the Westfield Santa Anita Mall at Arcadia. Previously known as the Santa Anita Fashion Park, this Mall is one of the premier shopping destinations of the tourists. It has almost 100 stores out of which the Vine Vera store is very popular. It is located on the Level 1 of the Mall. Tourists of all ages can find something or the other for his/her choice in the Mall. The outdoor shopping area is also a cool hangout place for the tourist.

The Vine Vera store is can be easily spotted as it is surrounded by some of the major brand shops like Bebe, Stride Rite, etc. since this Mall is the most popular Mall of the city, and it houses shops of every high-end brands. Also, if you are tight on budget, you can look for the local designer items which are exclusive from Los Angeles.

The Vine Vera Santa Anita Store is one of the most serene places in the entire mall. So if you are looking for some peace after the day long schedule, you must visit the Vine Vera shop. It has the best of the skin care products for every skin type. The special skin care experts are always there to assist you and advice with the best of skin care tips.

Visit the Vine Vera Store in Los Angeles
The Vine Vera store at the city of Los Angeles welcomes you warmly to explore an ideal skin care product that can treat all your skin problems wonderfully. The Vine Vera store located in Arcadia offers superior skin care treatment that your skin has been craving for. Busy schedule, unwanted stress, and hectic lifestyle take a toll over your skin. These skin concerns can be a nightmare for some. When you encounter problems like wrinkles, fine lines, pimples and other skin conditions, then Vine Vera is one trustworthy brand that can be trusted for treating such skin problems.

Vine Vera Review 1
The Los Angeles Vine Vera Store is an extraordinary skin care store which I happened to visit just last week. I had gone to the Westfield Santa Anita Mall and was just browsing through stores when I saw the Vine Vera Store from the outside. The store looked beautiful and stylish and was extremely inviting.

The sole reason why I entered the store was that I needed a new moisturizer as my old one had just finished and I heard a lot about this brand which uses natural ingredients in all its products and all that. I entered the store only to be greeted by this friendly salesgirl who made me sit on a comfortable sofa. I explained to her that I was looking for a moisturizer for my dry and pale skin but would need to try out the products they had first before purchasing anything.

Even before I had completed my sentence, the salesgirl came up with some colourful bottles and asked me to try the different products they had to offer. The bottles were shining bright and looked beautiful in itself. I extended my arm and the salesgirl started applying one cream after the other on different parts of the skin. As she did so, she also kept explaining the ingredients that had been used in each of them and what special benefits they had to offer my skin.

Before applying the cream, she did a quick analysis of my skin and asked me if she should apply the creams she thought would best suit my skin. She looked really good at her job and I gave her full liberty to choose the right products for me and apply them. She not only applied the cream but also gave my arms a wonderful and relaxing massage which made me feel so relaxed!

I think the massage lasted a lifetime as I just couldn’t feel it getting over. I thanked her for it and finally asked her which product she thought would be best for me. After much discussion, I finally settled on the Vine Vera Resveratrol Merlot Moisture Day Cream which according to her was the best for my skin type and dryness. I too loved the smell and feel of the cream.

For a minute I felt that the price tag on the product was a little too much but then I thought that there are no free lunches in this world! The salesgirl also assured me that the cream would last for a really long time. I finally made my purchase and walked out happily feeling relaxed as I had just invested into something worthwhile and perfect for my own self.

Vine Vera Review 2
I have visited the Westfield Santa Anita Mall a number of times but last time, when I went to this mall I got the time as well as the opportunity to enter the Vine Vera located on the 1st level of this upscale mall in Los Angeles. The internationally renowned brands of Nordstrom, Stride Rite, Papaya and Bebe are situated around the luxuriously set up Vine Vera store at the mall. So in no time I could easily locate the store. I have heard a lot about the smart décor of the store as well as its premium services regarding free consultation services, complimentary samples of products and complimentary skin treatments. So I was very much excited to visit the Santa Anita Vine Vera store. Just as I arrived at the front door of the store a saleswoman came out of the store and greeted me inside. I was fascinated by the décor of the store and also by extensive display of the Vine Vera products arranged on stylish shelves across the store.

The saleswoman was very polite and friendly, and offered me to sit on a comfortable couch. I could not refuse her courteous request and readily took a seat on the cozy couch. After I settled down, she started to talk to me and asked several questions, which were related to my lifestyle, my food habit and my skincare regime. Being a hardcore corporate woman, I rarely got time to look after my skin and to provide it with its required amount of nourishment. After listening to me carefully and with attention, the saleswoman offered me a free trial of their product – the overnight recovery cream from their Chianti Collection. I was eager enough to avail this offer and could not resist the temptation of using such a luxury product from a leading skincare brand like Vine Vera. Although this cream is meant for overnight application but just to show its wondrous effect on my skin, the saleswoman applied it gently on my face and neck. After waiting for a period of 30 minutes, she requested me to feel my skin – and to my amazement and delight, my skin felt a lot smoother, softer and moisturized than earlier. The saleswoman then explained me that taking into consideration, the condition of my skin, as well as my daily schedule, this was best skincare product that Vine Vera is offering to me. I also acknowledged the fact that nothing more ideal could I get from any other brand. I purchased a new pack of the Resveratrol Chianti Overnight Recovery cream from the store and left for home with a wish to visit this place again and again.

Get the Right Solutions for Your Skin Issues
You get to enjoy free facials; free consultations with the skin care experts at the store and get to find some amazing skin care products that you can use to get rid of various skin problems. The skin care specialists have the right knowledge and experience to address all your skin concerns in a professional way. You will find that the skin care treatment offered at the store is unique and extremely relaxing as well.

The skin specialists will discuss your skin concerns in detail and guide you appropriately about the products that can suit your skin type and give you a flawless looking skin. You can also go for some facials and choose products as per their advice for best results. The store is inviting and has spectacular interiors. It will feel amazing and relaxing to take the skin treatment in the VIP room. The skin experts will treat you in a special manner and after the treatment your skin will feel more rejuvenated and clear.

The skin care products available at the store are made using a combination of natural ingredients where resveratrol is one of the most important ingredients. It helps to fight aging signs and gives you a natural-looking flawless skin. The production of collagen is enhanced with the use of these skin care products, and it results in improved cell generation. Your skin will feel more soft and relaxed, and the anti-aging benefits will just make you fall in love with the range of skin care products.

There is a variety of products available for different skin problems and that suit your skin in the best way. The specialists ill guide you through systematically for selecting and using the product, so you get nothing less than a gorgeous skin.

Magic Ingredients in Vine Vera Products
If you want to get back the 20’s sculpted look, then our Vine Vera store at Los Angeles will help you attain that youthful look once again. It is hard to believe that ageing signs can be reserved. After all, there are so many skin care brands in the market that fail to meet your expectations, but a perfect skin care solution do exist. The answer is Vine Vera skin care products.

Aging happens because of chemical reactions in cells and due to this free radicals are generated. These radicals cut down the level of collagen and deplete the skin cells of oxygen, and a person happens to age.

The Vine Vera cosmetics play a pivotal role in keeping the radiance of the skin alive. Vine Vera is a trustworthy skin care brand because that has been serving its customers with integrity. The products comprise of magic ingredients that have the potential to reverse the signs of ageing. It has the presence of Resveratrol which is a promising anti-aging ingredient that will treat your skin exceptionally. It also reduces acne and offers a radiant look.

The other most promising natural ingredient is green tea extracts which are an excellent antioxidant moisturizer that cleanses your skin deeply and gives the proper amount of nourishment. Green tea has a high concentration of polyphenols, catechins and some potent antioxidants that slows down premature ageing. The other magic ingredients used in Vine Vera range of skin care products are vitamins, sea extracts, fruit extracts, oil extracts, shea butter and much more.

Skin Treatments at the Vine Vera Store
If you would like to reverse the ageing signs and enjoy a glowing look, then our skin specialists at our Los Angeles store will love to be your skin care guide. They will allow you to explore the range of products that will suit your skin and give your skin immense amount of benefits.

Our skin specialists would offer free facials in the luxurious interiors of our store in private VIP rooms. The facials are performed in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. The facials are different and the products smell and feel so good, that will make you feel satisfied in the end. An instant improvement in the skin will be noticed after the facial. So, if you use these skin care products daily then imagine the amount of benefits it will offer you. Make a visit to our store today and feel the difference.

Los Angeles and Vine Vera
Los Angeles is also known as the City of Angels and happens to be the most popular city in the state of California. For all those Hollywood lovers, Los Angeles is the centre of the universe and is a beautiful city – one which remains unmatched even till today. This city offers relaxing beaches, a rocking nightlife, beautiful forests, huge mountain ranges and a rich culture along with a variety of activities that one simply cannot imagine. With dozens of communities in it, you will find that each of them has their own charm and culture and the city reveals all of them with equal passion and dedication.

Being home to around 17 million people, the Los Angeles Metropolitan City is spread across the Riverside County, Ventura County, Los Angeles County and San Bernandino County. Amongst these, The Los Angeles County boasts of the city Arcadia which is around 13 miles away from Los Angeles’s downtown area. Arcadia is one of the most beautiful cities in California and can be found at the foot of San Gabriel Mountains. Some famous local attractions such as the Santa Anita Park Racetrack, Botanic Garden and Los Angeles County Arboretum make it famous worldwide.

The Westfield Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia is home to the Vine Vera Store. This mall was previously known as the Santa Anita Fashion Park and is one of the most popular malls in the area. Owned by Westfield LLC, the mall is anchored by international brands such as JCPenney, Macy’s, Forever 21 and Nordstorm. This huge mall is home to more than 100 stores along with innumerous cafes and restaurants too. What adds to the glory is a cool outdoor shopping area which is beautiful. This mall offers something to all kinds of shoppers be it individuals looking for branded designer wear or cost effective solutions for daily use.

The Vine Vera Store is located on Level 1 of the mall and is surrounded by major brands such as Bebe, Nordstorm, Papaya and Stride Rite. Our store has emerged as one of the best skin care stores in recent times simply because we offer extremely effective skin care solutions and collections using natural ingredients only. The Vine Vera Santa Anita Store is just the place for customers who are looking forward to relax in a quiet atmosphere, especially in a crowded and noisy mall. Our exciting offers such as free facials, free product demonstrations, free skin consultations and much more provides each customer access to various products and collections and helps them choose the ones which suits their unique skin type best.

Vine Vera FAQs

Q1. Why should a customer choose Vine Vera products and how is it different from the rest?

Ans. Vine Vera and its range of products are synonymous to luxury and skin care that help an individual to achieve beautiful and younger-looking skin. Each collection has been specially formulated to suit various skin types and allows a customer to choose the perfect collection irrespective of the skin problem or issue they are experiencing. It is not just the skin care products that are high in quality and loaded with Resveratrol, the signature ingredient, that makes this brand unique but also the top-of-the-class services that this brand has to offer. Moreover, the presence of in-house skin specialists who help the customer understand their skin and choose the most apt products, is something you do not get to find in other stores. To add to the glory are the free facials and free samples of the products!

Q2. Why is Resveratrol used as the main ingredient?

Ans. Found in the skin of red grapes, Resveratrol is an antioxidant that helps fight free radical damage present in the skin while also protecting it from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. It is considered to be one of the most effective ingredients to prevent the skin from aging rapidly. It is also known to offer photo protection to the skin and safeguard it from toxic effects.

Q3. Are the products by Vine Vera tested on animals?

Ans. Vine Vera is absolutely against animal testing. Vine Vera does not believe in any kind of cruelty done towards animals.

Q4. How can I be sure to purchase an authentic Vine Vera product?

Ans. Vine Vera Stores offer only authentic Vine Vera products for your skin and are just the place to make your purchases from. Moreover, you can get authentic Vine Vera products delivered home by visiting

Q5. Does Vine Vera have a return policy on its products?

Ans. You can exchange your Vine Vera products within 30 days of the purchase from the original point of purchase.

Q6. Can Vine Vera jars and bottles be recycled?

Ans. Due to sanitary reasons, Vine Vera does not believe in offering recyclable jars or bottles to its customers. However, the bottles and jars are quite environment-friendly!

Q7. Do Vine Vera products contain Gluten?

Ans. Vine Vera products do not contain gluten and being a relatively new company we are yet to get our products certified as gluten-free.

 Vine Vera Santa Anita Mall – 400 S. Baldwin Ave. Suite 231, Arcadia, CA 91007