• Rekindle Your Romance In Los Angeles

    Couple Enjoying Their Dessert

    Couples are always looking for romantic getaways to bring that spark back in their relationship. As the old saying goes, there is no better way to the heart than through the stomach. If you are looking to cozy up in complete privacy, enjoy exquisite dining options on a rooftop, or celebrate a special ocassion, you need to head to Los Angeles. Los Angeles offers an array of romantic restaurants for that perfect moment with your loved one. Here are the best of them.

    One Pico
    This beachside restaurant is the perfect spot for lovers. Couples can get seats that overlook the Pacific Ocean. After sunset, you can cozy up to your partner over surf and turf plates such as the lobster fettuccini, wild snapper with cous cous, rib eye, and Sunday night rib dinner. The restaurant also comes to life with live piano playing Sunday to Tuesday and trumpet & drums Thursday to Saturday. Couples can also enjoy private moments in the Living Room lounge alongside the fire place.

    Elf Cafe
    Elf Cafe is the perfect place for couples who love vegetarian food. The restaurant offers exquisite Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food. The special bit of this restaurant is that you don’t have to spend on the expensive wine served here. You can bring your own bottle of wine at an extra charge of just $5. You need to call in advance to book your spot at this bubbling restaurant.

    Inn Of The Seventh Ray
    The Inn of the Seventh Ray steps away from the stereotypes of healing crystals and burning sage. Couples can enjoy cozy dinners in the outdoor dining space that is draped in lights, oak trees, and lilacs. The scent of incense sets the mood as soon as you walk in. The romantic atmosphere is enhanced by the twinkling stars and heat lamps. Couples can enjoy a range of delicacies like fermented elixir, slow poached eggs, potato truffle foam, and grilled beef.

    Firefly is built to look like a modern day garden with tangled ivy’s and candles. The restaurant offers amazing modern cuisine from renowned chef Paul Shoemaker. The heated patio along with the twinkling lights makes it ideal for a romantic date night.

    Nobu Malibu
    Nobu Malibu offers an amazing view of the ocean and has built its restaurant like a beach house patio. Couples can enjoy a quite meal and hear the waves crashing against the rocks below. The restaurant also offers amazing food options such as food chops, sushi counter, uni mini tacosm and sashimi. Overlooked by chef Nobu Matsushisa, the food is sleek, stylish, and tasty.

    Scopa Italian Roots
    As the name suggests, this restaurant flaunts an Italian inspired menu with a fully stocked liquor bar. The menu offers crispy squash blossoms that are exquisite and homemade meatballs that melt in the mouth. Couples can enjoy private meals in dark booths and enjoy a plate of rigatoni drenched in vodka sauce. Another specialty of this restaurant is fusilli tossed with olives, capers, and anchovies.

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