• The Best Tourist Spots In Los Angeles That Locals Enjoy

    Man Blowing Bubbles At The Griffith Park

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    Sometimes it can be changeling to find a chill spot around Los Angeles when visitors are flocking the city. Not all tourist spot have a limited reservation; some do prefer crowds. In fact, it is those that attract huge crowds that are among the top tourist attractions. Here are some of the best of such spots that both locals and tourists can go, interact, and have fun.

    Angels Flight

    Angles flight is the shortest railway in the world and a pride of the city. It is a funicular railway stretching 298ft built in 1901. For just 50 cents, it is the quickest way to travel evading the hills and a fun way to travel for both local and tourists.

    Griffith Park

    A week probably would not be enough to take in all that Griffith Park has to offer. The bounty of activities and attractions pull in all sorts of people. The park is an expansive 4,200 acres the lush greens and enough space for biking, picnicking, bird watching, yoga, and other activities. The park is home to the Travel Town, the Greek Theatre, and the L.A Zoo among other attractions.

    Watts Towers

    The Watts Towers is the perfect escape option from the Hollywood hustle and bustle. It is made of interconnected structures that were the work of Rodia, an immigrant construction worker from Italy. The works started in 1912 and lasted 33 years. Go there and marvel at the masterpiece that is coated in mortar and adorned with different objects such as seashells, bottles, tiles, and metals.

    The Original Farmers Market

    The farmers’ market is a huge hit amongst tourists. They flock the market, especially the original market on Third and Fairfax, to buy farm fresh produce and flowers. But, the market is not just all about agricultural products. It can just as well be a place to go and mingle with people and sample different dishes.

    Santa Monica Pier

    The Santa Monica Pier is never short of entertain, night or day. For starters, the magnificent view of the ocean and Los Angeles coastline is always breathtaking, especially during dawn and sundown. The street performers, the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, the Solar Powered Ferris wheel, and the free Twilight Concerts held annually as just a few of the reason this L.A pier is such a popular spot.

    Venice Beach

    Besides the freak show, Venice beach is a big hit in Los Angeles; even the freak show is a tourist attraction in its own right. Venice Beach is one of the choice locations for buskers and those who just love people watching. The skate park also adds to the mix and is the spot of those seeking some adrenaline rush.

    Hollywood Sign

    Look to the hills and the iconic Hollywood Sign proudly seats overlooking the city. While it might be a place where tourists go for some photo session, it is never abuzz with crowds. For the locals, it nice gateway spot just for two to have a picnic as watch the city below.

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