• Things In Los Angeles That Demarcate It From The Rest Of The World

    View Of Steepest Street

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    Los Angeles is blessed with such pleasant weather. Moreover, there are a variety of places to visit here. The best part is that Los Angeles enjoys a unique identity. Things and places in Los Angeles invariably leave a hypnotizing impression upon the people. Here are some of the things in Los Angeles that are truly unique and extraordinary, and thus, offer exhilarating experience to the visitors as well as the locals.

    Hollywood Bowl

    Hollywood Bowl happens to be country’s largest natural amphitheatre. So, people always throng the place to witness classic movie screenings, or performances by world-renowned artists.

    Steepest Street

    Los Angeles enjoys the distinction of having the steepest street in the state. The street name is Eldred and it has 33% gradient. Moreover, there are other streets as well with mind-boggling slopes. So, people could always have the fun of riding and hiking on such streets.

    Magic Castle

    Magic Castle never fails to mesmerize the audience because of incredible performances of magicians. There is no place in the world where people could get to see such amazing performances.

    Sunken City

    Sunken City is another unique spot in Los Angeles. It began sinking in 1929 when southern tip of San Pedro began sliding to the sea. The place sunk at an astonishing rate of one foot per day! This made the pavements, sidewalks, streetcar tracks, etc. to tumble down towards the shoreline. The area is fenced off now; still, one could see the things from a distance.

    Watching Movie At Cinespia

    Cinespia is a huge cemetery in LA, and people often throng to the place to watch the movies of their famous film stars. Moreover, there are a number of spectacular concerts that are organised in the beautiful Masonic Temple inside the cemetery.

    Great Tacos Available 24/7

    The culinary scene of Los Angeles is fully developed. The place caters to the wide demands of people from different ethnic backgrounds. However, everyone in LA is in love with tacos, and the best part is that tacos are available 24/7 here. There are a great number of restaurants that serve appetizing and scrumptious tacos. So, this is a unique advantage of living in LA.

    Immense Popularity Of Local Artists

    LA is a place that acknowledges the efforts of all the artists. People here are infatuated with arts and cinema, and this is the reason why even local artists enjoy a roaring popularity; so much so, that people give them even more importance than other famous celebrities.

    Foot Art Tower

    Foot Art Tower has come up with the conscientious efforts of Simon Rodia. It took him 33 years to come up with this structure which is 99.5 feet high. The amazing fact about this construction is that it was built without any blueprint. Moreover, there was no use of proper construction gear as well. And, equally engrossing fact is that this guy was self-motivated since he didn’t get anyone’s assistance too. This creative genius welded structural steel and got it protected with mortar. Further, he also embedded it with ceramic pieces, glass bottles, and seashells. All this made this Watts Towers as largest construction project in the world that has come up with the efforts of a single worker.

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