• Top Free Places Worth Paying A Visit To In Los Angeles

    Picture Of Echo Park Lake

    Well, any place in the world seems to be attractive if one is full of money; however, there are some equally enchanting places in Los Angeles that could be visited for free. These places offer tranquil and serene atmosphere to the people, and a chance to commune with the nature, or appreciate the architectural beauty of the buildings, without shelling out huge amount of money. So,  if one is on budget, then the following list of these places is certainly going to be of invaluable help for such visitors.

    Olvera Street

    Olvera Street, commonly known as “Placita Olvera” among the locals, is a place that provides some authentic experience of Mexican food. It is located in the vicinity of Union Station in the Downtown, and is inundated with a lot of restaurants, mostly offering Mexican cuisine, which could tempt the jaded palate even. Such is the tempting menu, and aromatic smell of the dishes wafting through the air in Olvera Street. Moreover, the archaic architecture, including the brick lined streets, entrance the visitors as well. Also, one could witness various Aztec dance performances in the area.

    Echo Park Lake

    The Echo Park Lake abounds in the natural beauty. The sprawling area is full of trees, grass, benches, and a long walkway. Tall trees adorn the lake on its periphery, ensuring to provide the shade to its visitors. The lake is situated right in the middle of the park, and people who are interested in boating can take paddle boat and enjoy the serenity of beauty of the water in the lake.

    Ascot Hills Park

    Ascot Hills Park is a perfect destination for the adventure loving people. The hills could be found in  Lincoln Heights. The seemingly humble looking hills are steep, and could really test the endurance of the people trekking the hills.

    Pasadena City Hall

    The place is situated in the middle of Pasadena, and can be a great place for people who are seeking to take a break from their frenzied pace of life. The place is tranquil, and offers a lot of scenic spots where one could enjoy taking pictures.

    Los Angeles City Hall

    Apart from the intricate and gripping interior designs, Los Angeles City Hall is famous for providing startling views of Chinatown, Dodger Stadium, Downtown Los Angeles, and the famous Hollywood sign. People visiting the place should always head towards the Observation Deck that is on the 27th floor in order to admire the mesmerizing views from the top.

    The Bradbury Building

    The place seems to be unassuming from the exteriors; however, if one delves into the interiors of the building, only then they will be able to acknowledge the exquisite architecture of the Victorian Era. A lot of famous films like “The Artist” have captured the essence of the Victorian architecture. So, the art lovers could visit the place along with their camera and enjoy taking pictures of the building.

    The Last Bookstore

    The place has always enchanted the art and book lovers as there is a huge collection of both old and new books. The best part is that one could buy the old books by just paying $1. Also, the beautiful artworks of the local artists are always on display, and they are a real treat to watch.

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