• Topmost Spots In Los Angeles That Are Suitable For Performing Yoga

    View Of Griffith Park

    Los Angeles enjoys great sunny weather. Besides this, there is a dazzling array of outdoor, scenic spots including beaches, and hiking and biking trails that are flanked by trees. So, nature lovers get a chance to connect with nature here. Moreover, there are some spots that stand out from the rest because of their hypnotic charm and overpowering beauty. Be sure to bring a suitable yoga mat with you, these yoga mats are a good option. So, here are topmost spots in LA that are suitable for performing yoga.

    Griffith Park

    Griffith Park is an unmistakable spot in LA. It spans massive 4300 acres of area and is a perfect spot to stretch out in the open. Besides, there are a number of trails here extending to 53 miles. Moreover, there is a dazzling array of facilities available here including observatory zoo, an equestrian center, and countless grassy meadows that are perfect spots to perform yoga. Moreover, there is a nature museum and called Ferndell which also has a garden area. This spot has all sorts of water features including ferns, and gracious sycamores, to name a few.

    Runyon Canyon Park

    Runyon Canyon Park is one of the most popular parks in LA as one gets a chance to spot their favourite celebrities here. The park is a favourite spot to job for celebrities. Besides, there is no dearth of smooth trails here. Moreover, one gets the added advantage of seeing spectacular views of the city from here. The garden also has a number of grassy and shaded areas where one could spread their mat and perform yoga.

    Santa Monica State Beach

    Santa Monica State Beach is a great location to perform yoga and do some exercises. The atmosphere here is so relaxing and soothing. The cool breeze simply revitalizes a person. Besides, one could also ride their bike along the boardwalk here, and go as far as Manhattan Beach.

    Grand Park

    Grand Park is one of those rarest green spots that are located right at the center of downtown LA. This is the reason the place enjoys roaring popularity among the nature lovers. Besides, there are a sizeable proportion of office goers who come here to beat stress during the day. This is a perfect spot to perform various exercises and yoga. Though the park gets really busy at times, still there is ample space to spread out one’s mat. The atmosphere is really electrifying as the place witnesses a number of arts events. There are some local studios that offer yoga classes too. Besides, there is a large fountain here that is a treat to watch.

    Parker Mesa Overlook

    Parker Mesa Overlook is a great location to perform yoga. It can be reached by hiking up the beautiful Los Liones trail which snakes through Topanga State Park. Besides the great natural surroundings the place offers sweeping views of appealing Santa Monica Bay. The trek extends 3.5 miles and is a moderate one. So, beginners could also trek here. However, as the park is smaller in size it gets really crowded at times. So, visitors are advised to visit the spot early mornings during the weekdays in order to enjoy the tranquil environment of the place.

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