• Unearthing Great Spots In The Vicinity Of LA To Explore Outdoors

    View Of LA

    Los Angeles can be completely different if one sees it from a different perspective! All the glitter associated with the fast-paced life and live music bars is completely replaced by astonishing serenity of nature that invariably puts the visitors in trance. So, here are some great spots in LA that make one feel like they are thousands of miles away from the city. Such is the great influence of these naturally amazing and serene spots.

    Palos Verdes Tidepools

    There is the Abalone Cove Shoreline Park that provides visitors a chance to experience nature at its best, as they are not only greeted with sweeping views of the coast but are also delighted by the lush green spaces all around. Besides, there is a chance to see some remarkably beautiful sea creatures as well. It is best to visit the site during the period of low tide. Besides, one is able to find innumerable tidepools here along with peculiarly mysterious starfish, sea urchin, crabs, sea slugs, and sea anemone, to name a few.

    Ballona Creek

    Ballona Creek is among the most favourite destinations of people who are looking for unlimited fun and enjoyment while biking along the creek. One feels a great change in the natural setting, as once they start from Syd Kronenthal Park in the city they quickly delve into nature while moving towards the southwest. The creek widens slowly, and the ocean breeze starts to have that hypnotizing effect on the visitors. Moreover, the imagery is starkly different as one finds lush green spots and beautiful flowers all around which completely replace the concrete in the city. However, the ultimate reward is when one hits the massive ocean at Playa Del Rey. Bikers love to explore this path as they exhilarate in the natural environment and watch several boats in Marina. The whole experience is completely rejuvenating.

    The Grotto Situated In Malibu

    Another great way of exploring the natural side of LA is to hit ‘The Grotto’ after climbing Malibu’s trail. It is an unassuming and hidden spot located in starkly beautiful Santa Monica Mountains. The best part is that this roundtrip hike that extends 3 miles is very easy to traverse; so, almost all the people could revel in the beauty of the surroundings.

    Lake Shrine

    Lake Shrine is one of those well-kept gardens that invariably delight the visitors instantly. The place has calming influence over the tourists, as there are religious connotations of this place. It has various places of interest, and the major one is ‘Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine,’ which is situated in ’Pacific Palisades.’ The place was founded by great religious revolutionary Paramhansa Yogananda who was instrumental in bringing the ‘East-meets-West’ theology to people. The place is still owned by religious group, but it is open to the general public, as the group wants everyone to come here and feel those great vibes in this tranquil place. It is a perfect place to meditate and connect with one’s inner self. It is a heaven for nature lovers as well who are looking for some quiet and tranquil moments with nature. They could sit in the lap of nature and revel in solitude.

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