• Unearthing Topmost Outdoor Locations In Los Angeles

    Picture Of Griffith Observatory Los Angeles

    Los Angeles is compellingly beautiful place that attracts a sea of humanity. People are enchanted by its romantic beaches, mountain trails, and rich cultural and arts history. There are many things and places that make Los Angeles stand out from the rest. Here are some topmost outdoor locations in Los Angeles that never fail to mesmerize the visitors.

    Bronson Canyon In Griffith Park

    Bronson Canyon has always been a favourite location of filmmakers who are always besotted by its spectacular beauty. There are a number of movies that have been shot at this great spot including Army of Darkness, Star Trek VI, Invasion of the Body Scratchers, and The Searchers, to name a few. And then, there is the ‘Bronson Cave’ as well, a long tunnel spanning 50 foot, which is also a great centre of attraction.

    Runyon Canyon Park

    Runyon Canyon Park spans 130 acre area and is located in the vicinity of Hollywood Boulevard. The prime location of the park makes it a hit among the celebrities, who are often spotted here. There are two ways one could hike the path, which are counter-clockwise and clockwise. While clockwise path offers a gradual climb, hiking counter-clockwise path involves some steep trails. However, both paths are equally enchanting as one gets countless panoramic views of LA that are worth capturing forever.

    Franklin Canyon Park

    Franklin Canyon Park is spread across 605 acres of area. The park was initially built in 1914 with the efforts of William Mulholland, who summoned the making of ‘Upper Franklin Canyon Reservoir.’ The canyon slowly got popular among people, and it was used as summer retreat by elite Edward Doheny’s family. The best part is that there are both easy and difficult trails here; so, anyone could come here and experience the best views of wildlife and birds around. For instance, Hastain Trail, is one of the difficult trails that offers stunning views of the western part of Los Angeles as well as the Pacific Ocean.

    Los Angeles River

    The Los Angeles River has a rich history, as life actually started from here. The banks of river were home to Tongva tribe. Spanish people too settled along the river. Today as well the river acts as a bridge between various cities as it passes through 14 cities. Moreover, the efforts of environmentalists, dedicated residents, as well as conservation groups have led to the creation of a number of hiking trails, bike paths, public art installations, and parks along the river. All these features have made the river adorable to everyone.

    Eaton Canyon Natural Area

    Another hugely popular outdoor location in Los Angeles is Eaton Canyon Natural Area, which is a botanical, zoological and geological preserve spanning 190 acres of area. It is situated in close proximity to San Gabriel Mountains. There are a number of facilities for the visitors including countless hikes, picnic areas, equestrian trails, and a seasonal stream, to name a few. One gets to see diverse fauna and flora here. Further, there are a number of fascinating exhibits here. The trail offers great views of the surroundings, especially the one marked ‘Waterfall.’

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