• Unravelling Amazing Options Of Spending Quality Time In Los Angeles Along With Kids

    View Of Santa Monica Pier

    Los Angeles has always remained a great place to visit for the tourists, mainly because it has a number of options to spend quality time here along with one’s friends and family members. And, parents are spoilt for choice when they have to decide which place to visit along with their kids. Here is a list of places that a person could visit along with their kids in Los Angeles, and amass some unforgettable memories.

    California Science Center

    California Science Center in Los Angeles is the most popular museum in the entire state of California. The museum spans 400000 square feet area and offers unlimited thrill to both kids as well as the adults. Science is presented in a completely unique and novel manner here, since the exhibits are inextricably tied to the popular movies and culture. The best part is that there is a dazzling array of hands-on activities here. Moreover, the demonstrations held in Science Court are a great delight to see as well. Moreover, there is the seven-storied IMAX Theatre here, which provides great detail into various scientific concepts and experiments, and helps in imparting quality scientific education to the kids.

    Grammy Museum

    Grammy Museum exhilarates the kids as well as the adults by presenting them the power of music. There are interactive, innovative, and cutting-edge remarkable exhibits here that explore rich cultural and historical significance of the great American Music. Moreover, one also gets a chance to know more about the history and organisation of Grammy Awards.

    Pacific Park At Santa Monica Pier

    Kids simply love to visit this spot, since it offers a number of things that fascinate them. Pacific Park is strategically located on the historic and iconic Santa Monica Pier. Moreover, it is actually the lone amusement park in the pier side on the West Coast. Children are always thrilled to be taken to a height of 130 ft above the ocean by solar powered Ferris wheel, as it gives them a chance to get crazy views of the coastline. And then, there are the ‘Crazy Submarine Rides’ solely for the kids.

    Santa Monica Pier Aquarium

    Santa Monica Pier Aquarium is a popular spot among children, since they are always intrigued to discover more about the aquatic life. And, in order to satiate the curiosity of children, the aquarium has whopping 100 species of unique sea organisms. Moreover, the part that kids love is that the aquarium is interactive and hands-on, which allows people to touch sea stars, sea urchins, and sea anemone, to name a few. Kids always find it appealing to discover a great range of fascinating sea animals including octopi, eels, a great variety of fish, rays, and sharks, etc.

    Knott’s Berry Farm

    Knott’s Berry Farm enjoys the distinction of being the first theme park in America. There are extreme and exciting thrill rides here including high speed drops, roller coasters, etc. Knott’s farm has something for all sorts of visitors, since the rides here are of different difficulty levels. Kids simply love balloon race, lower velocity rides, and Timber Mountain Log Ride, to name a few.

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