Vine Vera Customers Review

Vine Vera Los Angeles

Awesome. Fabulous. Fantastic. Amazing. Before I came across Vine Vera, I don’t think I was really proud of what my skin looked like. I did have a regular skin care routine, but dull looking skin had been taunting me since my teenage years. I don’t usually go to beauty stores before reading and researching about them, but when I stumbled across the Vine Vera Store in Arcadia, the lure of free product trials which that sweet girl promised me simply forced me to enter the store.

Vine Vera Los Angeles

I liked the fact that they give you a cute little bag with the product sample inside. It’s not just about entering the store and trying out the product from one of those display containers. You can take away a free sample and try it out at your own convenience. When I took this bag, the sales girl asked me to come into the store so that she could introduce the products and collections that they have to offer. I thought it would be nice to oblige as I had accepted the free sample. And it wasn’t like I had too much to do on a Sunday afternoon.

So I went into the store and the next thing I know is that they offered me a free skin consultation with their skin expert as well as a free facial in their “VIP room”. Wow. I simply couldn’t say no. The consultation was everything that one could ask for and much more. It wasn’t just about how Vine Vera products could help your skin. It was more about helping you identify your skin issues and learning about ingredients that could work wonders on your skin.

The facial was another thing altogether. I am quite regular at my neighborhood salon, but I don’t remember receiving such a luxurious facial ever before. The entire facial lasted for 45 minutes and they used those beautiful looking Vine Vera collections for the facial. The therapist also spoke about what she was doing and how she was doing it and helped me learn how to replicate the same experience at home.


After my facial, I took some time out to study the store. It looks like one of those places that offer the perfect respite from the hustle bustle of the mall. It not only offers a beautiful environment and soothing decors, it also comes across as extremely luxurious. Those product displays looked fantabulous as well.

Now, to the main thing. The products themselves. Well, I was lucky enough to try out a number of Vine Vera products because of the facial, the free sample and the couple of products that I ended up purchasing. I must say that each product helped to bring about a visible difference, must be temporary, but it was still a significant difference. I got a couple of products home according to their suggestions to treat my dull skin. It’s only been a week, but I thought that they deserved this review. My dull looks have already disappeared. I might not look flawless, but I definitely look much better than before. And the difference was such that even my hubs commented on the change (he is one of the last people to realize that I have changed my look or changed my hairstyle).


Yay for Vine Vera.